Our Approach

Seeking help for your mental health is a courageous step and we welcome you here! We believe that YOU are the expert on you, and we are honored to be a partner on this journey. At Ruby Mental Wellness, we go beyond standard medication management. We believe in treating the whole person, not just your symptoms. Our comprehensive approach incorporates medication management with measurement-based care, empowering you to understand how medication works, better connect with your mental health, and become an active participant in your treatment planning. We also explore other facets of wellness and lifestyle like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and self-care practices, tailoring recommendations to your unique needs. By setting goals together, we support you in achieving lasting mental wellness.

Our Focus Includes

Medication optimization: We work with you to find the most effective and well-tolerated medication options, while also exploring the possibility of deprescribing when appropriate.

Lifestyle guidance: We discuss the significant impact of nutrition, exercise, and sleep on mental health, and provide personalized recommendations.

Goal setting and support: We partner with you to define your goals, explore what’s holding you back, and create a personalized plan to achieve what matters to you most while offering ongoing support and encouragement along the way.
Together, we will create a path towards a healthier, happier you!

Our Treatment Process

Stop simply surviving,
it’s time to start thriving