Osmind Patient Portal Information

At Ruby Mental Wellness, we have partnered with Osmind to support your mental health treatment. Osmind is a central hub for us to track your progress and communicate in between appointments. It enhances the care you receive, facilitates communication with our clinic, and helps you keep track of medications and other parts of your treatment plan.

Getting Started

After we invite you to join the system, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in. This email is sent from hello@joinosmind.com; please check the spam or promotions folders in your inbox if you can’t find it. Please email support@osmind.org if you require assistance.

To get started, download the mobile app. On the iPhone, click this link to download the app (alternatively, search “Osmind” in the app store). For Android users, click this link to download the app (or search “Osmind” in the Google Play Store).

What To Expect

The app will send you notifications with things we’ve designed into your treatment plan. Therefore, it is important that you follow the app’s instructions in a timely manner. We will ask you to track how you are doing between visits, using mood scores and/or validated questionnaires.

  • You will receive notifications and text messages to remind you to complete these measures. This helps us track your progress together.
  • Many studies have shown that using such rating scales improves how people feel. Measurement-based care has been shown to improve outcomes. We use evidence-based practices to provide the highest quality of care.
  • We only monitor the app during business hours. Please do not use this app to communicate if you are having an emergency — in that case you should call 911 and contact emergency services. This app is not designed for use during emergency situations.
We will work together to track your progress and communicate efficiently

  • Please use the platform to journal about your progress, send secure messages to your clinician and more.
  • We may use the platform to remind you to take medications or complete parts of your care journey such as specific exercises or to log your habits to help you reach your goal.
  • You will become more engaged in your care, giving you more control over your health. We will be able to see which interventions work and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Why does this app help people feel better? 

The Osmind Care Platform enables us to practice measurement-based care. Measurement-based care is an evidence-based practice involving systematically evaluating your progress throughout treatment, including systematic administration of symptom rating scales, which helps personalize and drive clinical decision-making. Many studies show this approach improves clinical outcomes and helps patients get better faster.
By using the Osmind platform for measurement-based care, we are following evidence-based practices that experts have endorsed for years. A large amount of research shows that measurement-based care helps improve outcomes and provides various benefits to patients.
Many studies have also supported the use of patient-reported symptom rating scales. Making the patient part of their own evaluation gives more control over the treatment journey, augments communication between patient and provider and provides more efficient care. Self-tracking helps maintain mindfulness of one’s mood, allowing a provider to intervene before a relapse. If you want to learn more, please read this whitepaper on measurement-based care.
Last but not least, Osmind helps you recoup money from your visits if your provider is out-of-network. You can submit your out-of-network insurance reimbursement claims directly through the app, which will deliver it digitally to your insurance company. In less than two minutes, you can submit your reimbursement claim with the assistance of this app!