What We Do

Psychiatric evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is like a checkup for your mental health. It’s a conversation you will have with a qualified psychiatric provider to assess your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This helps us understand your unique situation and create a personalized treatment plan based on your goals and values. After this initial evaluation, we will determine whether or not further testing and assessment may be required. If ADHD testing is needed, this will be scheduled to take place following your initial psychiatric evaluation, and typically takes place over 2 or more follow up visits.

Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management can be a powerful tool in treating mental health symptoms. At Ruby Mental Wellness, we take an integrative approach, combining traditional medication with recommendations for evidence-based supplements when appropriate. We encourage you to co-create your treatment journey. By working together, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your treatment options and feel empowered to make informed decisions about your mental well-being that better align with your personal goals and values. 

Lifestyle Support

Integrating lifestyle support with psychiatric medication management offers a powerful one-two punch for mental health. Lifestyle changes like healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques can work synergistically with medication to enhance symptom control, reduce side effects, and support long-term well-being. Think of it as building a stronger foundation for mental health, where medication provides the essential support, and lifestyle choices act as the stabilizing walls. By addressing both the biological and behavioral aspects of mental health, this combined approach can empower individuals to take a proactive role in their recovery and lead a more fulfilling life.

Testing Services

Pharmacogenomic testing: We have partnered with Genesight to offer pharmacogenomic testing. Genesight analyzes your DNA to predict how mental health meds might work for you. It identifies effective drugs, minimizes side effects, and potentially speeds up symptom relief. Think of it as a personalized medication guide based on your genes. While not a magic bullet, it can be a valuable tool in our arsenal for finding the right treatment, faster and with fewer side effects.

Laboratory Testing: We may recommend laboratory testing to rule out organic causes of mental health symptoms associated with abnormalities in thyroid function, iron storage, or vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Laboratory testing is also used to track and monitor potential metabolic side effects and therapeutic blood levels of certain psychiatric medications that are used in some individuals.

ADHD Testing: We use a semi-structured diagnostic interview that was designed to improve assessments for adults, evaluating ADHD symptoms occurring across five areas of life: work and education, relationships and family life, social contacts, free time and hobbies, and self-confidence and self image, and that assess the level of impairment of symptoms in your daily life. Please keep in mind that ADHD testing may need several visits to complete. We are not using computerized testing at this time.