Our Team

Rachel Ortiz


Rachel is a board certified nurse practitioner, dual licensed and experienced in both family practice and psychiatric and mental health nursing. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Masters of Science in Nursing in 2018. She laid the foundation of her career working with underserved and culturally diverse populations in the community health setting as a family nurse practitioner. Here, she focused on meeting the needs of the community and gained experience in primary care, women’s health and obstetrics, and addiction. It was through this work that she appreciated the interconnectedness of mental health to physical wellness as well as the gap in available services to treat the increasing mental health needs among the community. Rachel returned to Middle Tennessee State University to earn a post masters certificate in psychiatric and mental health nursing to better treat the changing health needs of the clients she works with. As a lifelong learner, Rachel is now pursuing advanced training in Lifestyle Medicine to help her clients prevent and reverse chronic disease, partnering with them to make meaningful changes that lead to a happier, more fulfilled life. In pursuit of this, Rachel started Ruby Mental Wellness, a holistic psychiatric practice that promotes healing and vitality.